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Photojournalism and authorship to make the world a better place.  We are the forum / interchange / marketplace for the works of Danish author Bent Lorentzen (biologist, anthropologist, journalist and mental health therapist) and others allied with the Danish sense of peace, compassion and prosperity.  

Aside from cultural photojournalism, we also offer modern folk tales, fantasy, and science fiction (print and data formats) based on research in cultural anthropology, with emphasis on keeping alive these cultures' richness without displacing that of others.

Please go to danish-author /Amazon for Bent Lorentzen's more recent books and his biography, including being the survivor of 17 years of ritualized molestation and torture at the hands of his Nazi parents and Catholic clergy.


Video: CROW WHISPERER (Gråkrage)

For Danes:
På vej: En gratis nødhjælp "hotline," for at hjælpe folk i en "PTSD krisis," at komme til ro, eller at vejlede dem til hvor medfølsom og rette behandling findes. Den vil kaldes, "Agnes Hjerte," i mindelsen af min afdøde søster, som begik selvmord fordi så noget findes ikke på den rigtig måde i Danmark

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